Hi! My name is Cas Cornelissen
I’m a creative developer from The Netherlands.


Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, or mail to



  • Quaeropus 


    Interactive data visualization – powered by D3.js – about jobs and salaries in The Netherlands. This project was a collaboration with Miriam Runge, data was provided by Statistcs Netherlands.

  • Badminton 

    2014 – present

    Single-page AngularJS application combined with a Laravel-powered API to keep track of matches, scores, and relevant statistics for a small badminton club.

  • Onefinity APIs 

    2014 – present

    Laravel-based container to quickly and easily create APIs for smaller projects and automatically generate documentation based on provided PHP DocBlocks.


  • Front-end developer @ Freshheads 

    August 2015 – present

    Part-time developer position next to my minor/graduating which includes working on smaller projects and assisting the large teams at Freshheads when needed.

  • Founder @ Onefinity 

    April 2015 – present

    Since I’ve been working with web technologies for quite a few years I decided to take my passion a step further and start my own business.

  • WordPress developer @ 2manydots 

    September 2012 – February 2015

    Being the only front-end developer at 2manydots I was responsible for translating all designs into functional websites and WordPress themes.


  • Minor Meaningful Data Design 

    September 2015 – February 2016

    Translating abstract issues and data into meaningful stories and visualizations with a personal focus on data analysis and data-driven programming.

  • Intern front-end development @ Freshheads Proeftuin 

    February 2015 – July 2015

    As a front- and back-end developer at the Freshheads Proeftuin – a team consisting of just interns with mentoring from Freshheads' seniors – I worked for multiple clients to test their business ideas.

  • HBO Communication & Multimedia Design 

    August 2012 – June 2016

    Since web development is a lot more than just programming I study CMD which includes concepting, design, marketing, strategy development, programming and a range of other relevant topics.